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Model Availability Policies
Usually ships in 24-48 hours - This item is normally stocked and should ship out within the advertised time. If it is not available, when available the model will be special ordered in for you and can cause a slight delay to shipment. If the item is not available the item will be refunded and the remaining items in your order will ship out.

Special Order Policy - The definition of a Special Order item that "Usually Ships in 2-3 weeks" is as follows. These items are not in-stock and are ordered specially for you from the distributor. We place orders usually on a bi-weekly basis with multiple distributors, however this time can vary, hence why we state "usually ships in 2-3 weeks". With that said, with the economic downturn many distributors have reduced inventory they carry on hand, so it make take up to 6 months or more for the items to arrive from overseas depending on their shipping schedule, or it can arrive as quickly as one week. Please do not order these items if you are on a tight shipping schedule.

Pre-Order Policy - The definition of a pre-order means that the item is NOT YET IN-STOCK. The model may ship in one week, or it may ship in eight months. Please DO NOT ASK when a pre-order item will arrive. The factories do NOT tell the distributors, the distributors DO NOT tell the retailers". Please do not ask when pre-order items will arrive as honestly the retailers have very little information on when an item will be released by the manufacturer.

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