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10/14 Aeroclassics Arrivals & As-Is Display Models!!!

10/14/19 11:45 AM

We're off to the races with another busy week here at the shop. We've got the latest Aeroclassics releases arriving today!! There are numerous models that are close to selling out especially most of the 767s so be sure to get your order in to avoid missing out!!!

As you might have noticed I've put up a new section over the weekend "AS-IS DISPLAY MODELS!!". All of these are display models, some are diecast, some resin, some plastic a wide variety of unique models by a wide variety of manufacturers throughout the world. All of the models come in varying conditions so be sure to look at the pictures as they are of the actual model you are purchasing. They are packed as well as possible in individual boxes, however do not come in their original box!!! This is only a small batch of them, the remaining 200+ models to be listed are waiting for the next shipment to come in hopefully in around two weeks or so!!!

Aeroclassics 1:400

USAir DC-9-30 N933VJ - $37.95
Air Canada B 767-200 C-GAUP - $40.95
Air Canada B 767-200 C-FBEM - $40.95
Hawaiian Airlines DC-10-30 N141AA - $40.95
Southwest Airlines B 737-200 N53SW - $37.95
Southwest Airlines B 737-200 N63SW - $37.95
Trans World Airlines B 767-200 N605TW - $40.95
United Airlines B 757-200 N501UA - $39.95
United Airlines B 757-200 N598UA - $39.95
Ansett Australia B 767-200 VH-RME - $40.95
Ansett Australia B 767-200 VH-RMF - $40.95
Trans World Airlines DC-9-30 N928L - $37.95

As-Is Display Models!!

Wilmington Aeroventures LLC Westwind N124UF - $45.00
Reliant Logistics Hawker 800 NA - $35.00
British Aerospace Hawker 700 N700HS - $35.00
Raytheon Aircraft Company Premier 1 N390R - $60.00
Midwestern Learjet 23 N123VW - $60.00
British Aerospace Hawker 125 N700BA - $70.00
Phillips Petroleum Company DC-3 NC59534 - $15.00
Hawker Beechcraft Corporation 400A N400A - $60.00
Private L-329 Jetstar N711Z - $45.00
Hawaiian Airlines B 737-400 NA - $75.00
Private L-329 Jetstar N48UC - $50.00
Boeing Aircraft Company B 737-700 N737BZ - $70.00
Embraer ERJ-190 NA - $65.00
Dassault Aviation Falcon 20 NA - $12.50
Private Sabreliner NA - $50.00
Pan American World Airways Falcon NA - $50.00
Private Citation 510 N510CM - $75.00
British Aerospace Hawker 850 N850XP - $60.00
Airbus Industries SN-601 Corvette F-BUQN - $70.00

Be sure to get those NG Models pre-orders in as we do our best to keep up with the models, however there are a few models each month that are selling out on pre-order so order to avoid disappointment!!!

Lastly, we've got a full week of eBay ending this week with a special model kit edition ending tonight and next Monday night, 1:400s on Tuesday and a wide variety of models ending on Thursday!!! Happy Shopping!!!