9/16 Hobby Master Arrivals!!!

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The latest Hobby Master models have arrived and are now available for immediate shipment. Additionally, we've been able to obtain another batch of JC Wings Southwest 737s! The last batch went within a few hours so be sure to get your order in, and the same limit of 1 per person applies!!!

Hobby Master Military Models

PLAAF J-7 30065 - $66.95
Japan Air Self Defense Force F-86 Sabre 02-7960 - $66.95
Royal Netherlands Air Force F-35 Lightning F-001 - $94.95
United States Air Force F-35 Lightning NA - $94.95
Israel Defence Force - Air Force F-35 Lightning 902 - $94.95
Czech Air Force MiG-23 4644 - $93.95
United States Air Force F-117 Nighthawk 85-831 - $94.95
Russian Navy SU-33 Bort 88 - $109.95
United States Air Force P-51 Mustang 44-11622 - $79.95
Royal Air Force Spitfire BL973/RY- S - $79.95
Royal Australian Air Force Spitfire AB972/UD-W - $79.95

JC Wings 1:200

Southwest Airlines B 737-500 N501SW - $104.95

The latest NG models should be here at the end of the week!!! Happy Shopping!!! www.wafflecollectibles.com

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