5/5 NEXT SPECIAL RELEASE & Fantasywings Pre-Orders!!!

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We're off with more pre-orders to get started with!!! First off, is the next special release model and this time it's the SunCountry 737-800 with split schimtar winglets!!! The model is well under production and should be shipping in less than a month so be sure to get your orders in to avoid missing out!!! Secondly, the latest Fantasywings are about to arrive later this week and are now up for pre-order for a quick turn around!!! Additionally, both the GateGourment catering trucks and American stairs are on their second restock and will also be available again!!!

Panda Models 1:400 Pre-Order!!!

Sun Country Airlines B 737-800 N842SY - $43.95

Fantasywings Pre-Order!!!

Blank Model 3000 NA - $6.95
SATS Ground Equipment Set NA - $30.95
EAGS Ground Equipment Set NA - $30.95
Airport Accessories People NA - $22.95
Swissport 3000 NA - $14.95
Thai Airways International 3000 NA - $15.95
Thai Airways International 3000 NA - $15.95
Airport Accessories Ground Equipment Set NA - $24.95
Southwest Airlines Ground Equipment Set NA - $25.95
Gate Gourmet Catering Truck NA - $5.95
American Airlines Air Stair NA - $4.95

Another round of eBay ends tonight so be sure to check that out too!!! Panda Models, NG Models, Aviation400, Inflight200, JC Wings, GeminiJets & Phoenix Models are all shipping out so it's going to be a busy week or so coming up!!! Happy Shopping!!! www.wafflecollectibles.com

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