11/23 Panda Models & More Arrivals!!!

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We're getting to ramp up for a busy couple days ahead!!! The latest GeminiJets are getting close to arriving and should be in starting tomorrow and throughout the next couple of days thereafter!!! The JC Wings appear to be arriving early next week including the long awaited United 757-200 that's been on pre-order for two years!!! We've got plenty of pieces coming in and it will be back up for ordering once it is in hand!!! In the mean time the latest Panda Models and some other miscellaneous items have just arrived and are ready for immediate shipment!!!

Panda Models 1:400 Arrivals!!!

Cubana TU-204 CU-C1703 - $42.95
DHL / Aviastar Tu-204 RA-64024 - $42.95
Air Koryo TU-204 P-633 - $43.95

Herpa Wings 1:200 Arrivals!!!

United States Air Force B-58 59-2430 - $67.95

JC Wings 1:200 Arrivals!!!

Federal Express MD-11 N585FE - $122.95

Another round of eBay ends tonight and Thursday night so be sure to check it out!!!

Happy Shopping!!! www.wafflecollectibles.com

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