3/19 Inflight200 Pre-Order + Scratch & Dent!!!

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The Chinese factories are starting to pick back up and things are starting to move!!! We've just got confirmation that are first 1:400 batch of GeminiJets has left Asia and should be here early next week along with a bunch of FantasyWings restocks. Additionally, with the April GeminiJets we've stopped pre-orders on the Delta CRJ900. If my math is correct we'll have plenty for ordering once they're here and in-stock ready to ship so don't fret and don't panic buy!!!

We listed another handful of scratch and dent models yesterday, most have sold but there are still a handful left!!!

Lastly, the latest Inflight200s have just been announced and are now available for pre-order!!!

Inflight200 Pre-Order

Missing A330-300 B-LBF - $139.95
Airbus Industries A321-200 D-AVZO - $89.95
Scoot A321-200 9V-TCA - $89.95
Spring Airlines A321-200 B-30EU - $89.95
Jeju Air B 737-800 HL8322 - $89.95
Air China B 737-800 B-5497 - $89.95
China Eastern Airlines B 737-800 B-1790 - $89.95
Pacific Blue B 737-800 ZK-PBI - $89.95
ANA All Nippon Airways B 737-200 JA8401 - $89.95
China Southern Airlines A330-300 B-5940 - $139.95
Air China B 777-300 B-2047 - $147.95
China Eastern Airlines B 777-300 B-2002 - $147.95
Air China A319-100 B-6022 - $89.95

Happy Shopping!!! www.wafflecollectibles.com

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