12/22 Herpa Wings Arrivals!!!

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We've had a nice calm this week after a crazy three weeks prior. A small batch of Herpa Wings have arrived and we've got the second half of the small collection arriving later today and should list tomorrow morning. Things are about to ramp up again as we've got the a huge batch of JC Wings models en-route and should be here next week followed by the latest Phoenix Models which should be leaving Hong Kong by the end of the week!!!

Herpa Wings 1:500

Fantasy Christmas A300-600ST NA - $52.95
Finnair DC-10-30 OH-LHA - $39.95
Tunisair A330-200 TS-IFM - $39.95
Goodyear NT D-LZFN - $36.95

Herpa Wings 1:200

United States Marine Corps MV-22 Osprey 00-8657 - $57.95
Sibir Airlines TU-154 RA-85619 - $82.95

Another round of eBay ends tonight, tomorrow night and Thursday night so be sure to check it out!!! Happy Shopping!!! www.wafflecollectibles.com

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