12/18 Calibre Wings Arrivals & Restocks + Aeroflot TU-134 Back In Stock!!!

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An end of the week shipment brings in some more Panda Aeroflot TU134s and the latest Calibre Wings and Calibre Wings restocks!!! These Top Gun F14s are proving to be very popular so be sure to get your order in as quantities are limited and the first batch sold out quick!!! Why wait for another month or two from lazy slow mules when we have them here and ready to go!!!

Panda Models 1:400

Aeroflot TU-134 CCCP-65655 - $44.95

Calibre Wings 1:72

United States Navy F-14 Tomcat 160665 - $149.95
United States Navy F-14 Tomcat 160681 - $149.95
United States Navy F-14 Tomcat 160694 - $149.95
Russian Air Force SU-24 Blue 91 - $140.95

Another small mixed collection should be arriving soon. The first box is scheduled to arrive today and the second box early next week so keep checking in as the most popular models will surely be up for only a blink of the eye!!! Happy Shopping!!! www.wafflecollectibles.com

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