7/8 Inflight200 Pre-Order & Arrivals!!!

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We're ramping up for another busy end to the week, we're going to have nearly 500 NG models restocks and sale items arriving later this week!!! That means discounted NG Models and restocks of your favorites!!! We've got the second batch of GeminiJets June releases finally arriving tomorrow so all remaining orders should ship out tomorrow. Today we also got notification of the latest shipment of JC Wings & Inflight200s are leaving Asia shortly and should be here early next week!!! In the mean time we've got availability of the Inflight200 Air France Socatec exclusives!! These models will only be listed for a limited time and all are ready at the distributor for shipping!! Lastly, we've got the latest Inflight200 pre-orders!!!

Inflight200 Arrivals!!!

Air France A320-200 F-HEPK - $89.95
Air France A319-100 F-GRXM - $89.95
Air France A321-200 F-GTAZ - $89.95
Air France B 787-900 F-HRBC - $137.95
Air France A310-300 F-GEMQ - $129.95
Air France B 777-300 F-GSQV - $142.95
Air France B 747-400 F-GITJ - $159.95

Inflight200 Pre-Order!!!

Air Canada A340-300 C-FYLG - $132.95
Asiana Airlines B 747-400 HL7418 - $159.95
Air Canada L-1011-1/100 C-FTNF - $139.95
Trans World Airlines B 727-100 N831TW - $87.95
Aerolineas Argentinas B 727-200 LV-ODY - $87.95
Air New Zealand B 737-200 ZK-NAF - $82.95
Olympic Airways B 747-200 SX-OAE - $157.95
Qantas Airways B 747SP VH-EAB - $152.95
Air India A310-300 VT-EJH - $127.95
VivaAeroBus A321-200 XA-VBA - $87.95
MEA Middle East Airlines A321-200 T7-ME1 - $87.95
Qantas Airways A330-300 VH-QPJ - $132.95
GOL Transportes Aeroes B 737-8MAX PR-XMA - $84.95
United States Air Force DC-10-30 83-0076 - $144.95
Qantas Airways B 747-200 VH-EBA - $159.95
Swiss International Air Lines A319-100 HB-IPV - $84.95
Forbes Magazine B 727-200 N60FM - $87.95
Condor A321-200 D-ATCF - $87.95
EVA Air A321-200 B-16201 - $87.95

There's a handful of new Aviation400 A330MRTTs that have just been announced. Once we get the artwork and pricing we'll have them up for pre-order!!!

Another round of eBay ends tomorrow night so be sure to check it out!!! Happy Shopping!!! www.wafflecollectibles.com

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