6/23 AviaBoss 1:200 AN-26 Arrivals & More Restocks!!!

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We're finally getting caught up here at the shop. Last night we've had the latest AviaBoss 1:200 AN-26s arrive!! These are available in very limited quantity so be sure to get your order in!!! We've also got last night another sleeve of the United 757 California, we've only got another case coming and then that's a wrap so be sure to get your order in to avoid missing out!! Due to the popularity of the item, it is now limited to only one piece per person!!! Lastly, we've got some random restocks as listed below!!!

AviaBoss 1:200 Arrivals!!

Russian Navy AN-26 RF-46879 - $89.95
Russian Air Force AN-26 RF-36072 - $89.95

1:400 Restocks!!!

United Airlines B 757-200 N14106 - $49.95

1:500 Restocks!!

United Airlines B 737-9MAX N67501 - $31.95
Delta Air Lines B 737-900 N834DN - $31.95
American Airlines A321-200 N400AN - $31.95
JetBlue Airways A321-200 N2002J - $31.95
Turkish Airlines B 787-900 TC-LLA - $38.95

1:200 Restocks!!

Delta Air Lines A321-200 N391DN - $87.95
Aeroflot TU-144 CCCP-77114 - $94.95
Air France Concorde F-BVFC - $99.95

Happy Shopping!!! www.wafflecollectibles.com

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