4/30 Panda Models Arrivals & Restocks!!!

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As promised more arrivals today with the latest batch of Panda Models, a final restock of a very popular Phoenix Models and more of the Aviation400 A330MRTTs!!!

Panda Models 1:400

StarLux Airlines 2000 NA - $4.95
Qatar Amiri Flight A340-200 A7-HHK - $42.95
Lufthansa A340-300 D-AIFD - $42.95
SAS Scandinavian Airlines A340-300 LN-RKG - $42.95
Lufthansa A321-200 D-AIEB - $39.95
Lufthansa A319-100 D-AILB - $39.95
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines A330-200 PH-AOM - $42.95
United Airlines A319-100 N876UA - $39.95
StarLux Airlines A321-200 B-58201 - $39.95

Phoenix Models 1:400

LATAM B 777-300 PT-MUA - $45.95


Royal Air Force A330-200 ZZ333 - $48.95
Royal Australian Air Force A330-200 A39-003 - $48.95
Republic of Singapore Air Force A330-200 763 - $48.95

A small collection with a variety of 1:400 and 1:200 models is arriving tomorrow. We're expecting the next batch of NG Models and Herpa Wings already in the line up for next week!!!

Another round of eBay ends tonight so be sure to check it out!!! Happy Shopping!!! www.wafflecollectibles.com

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