3/10 Inflight200 Pre-Orders!!!

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The following Inflight200s have just been annoucned and are now available for pre-order!!!


Aegean Airlines A320-200 SX-NEO - $82.95
Wizz Air A321-200 HA-LVE - $84.95
LTU A330-200 D-ALPA - $124.95
Aeroflot A350-900 VQ-BFY - $137.95
Pan American World Airways B 707-300 N880PA - $112.95
United Airlines B 727-100 N7002U - $87.95
United Airlines B 747-400 N172UA - $154.95
Pan American World Airways B 747SP N532PA - $147.95
Saudia - Saudi Arabian Airlines B 787-10 HZ-AR25 - $137.95
United States Air Force B 747-200 82-8000 - $154.95
Thai Airways International DC-10-30 HS-TMA - $134.95
Swissair A310-300 HB-IPH - $119.95
Lufthansa A310-200 D-AICB - $119.95
Air Canada Rouge A321-200 C-GHQI - $84.95
Northwest Orient B 727-100 N471US - $87.95
ANA All Nippon Airways B 787-10 JA900A - $137.95

I apologize for those of you who have ordered the -DW Collection Sale items. The items were scheduled to arrive last Tuesday/Wednesday however they are still stuck with FedEx Express. We've been calling them daily to get updates however the shipment sat in China for 5 days and Japan for 6 days and counting. As soon as it arrives we will get all the orders out as fast as possible.

Another round of eBay ends tonight so be sure to check it out for lots of great models!!! Happy Shopping!! www.wafflecollectibles.com

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