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8/29 NG Models Restocks!!! United 737 Final Call!!!

As promised we've got more of the latest NG Models back in-stock!!! The United 737s are arriving with the first batch tomorrow followed by a second batch next week. These should be the final pieces of the United 737so be sure to snag them up as once they're gone, they're gone!!!

NG Models 1:400

American Airlines B 757-200 N690AA - $43.95
JMC Air B 757-200 G-FCLA - $43.95
United Airlines B 757-200 N14120 - $43.95
Delta Air Lines B 757-200 N525US - $43.95
Delta Air Lines B 757-200 N659DL - $43.95
Shanghai Airlines B 757-200 B-2876 - $43.95
American Airlines B 737-800 N920NN - $43.95
American Airlines B 737-800 N905AN - $43.95
United Airlines B 737-800 N37267 - $49.95
Air Canada B 787-900 C-FVND - $49.95
British Airways B 787-900 G-ZBKR - $49.95
Government of Kazakhstan A330-200 UP-A3001 - $49.95
Air Canada A330-300 C-GEFA - $49.95
South African Airways A330-300 ZS-SXM - $49.95
Qantas Airways B 737-800 VH-VXB - $49.95

We've got another round of 1:200 eBay ending tonight, and special round of plastic kits ending on Monday night so be sure to check them out!!! Happy Shopping!!!

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