8/17 Aeroclassics Arrivals!!! Hot Models!!!

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The Aeroclassics have arrived and the orders have been very very brisk over night. The following models are on sell out status!!! Air China 757, CAAC 757, Republic DC-9, JetBlue A320, and Delta A320s!!! We are already on restock status on the Republic and hope to get more of both the JetBlue and Delta A320s but there are no guarantees so get your orders in to avoid missing out!!! Best of all the in-stock items are ready to go for immediate shipment!!!

Aeroclassics 1:400

Alaska Airlines B 737-9MAX N913AK - $37.95
Air China B 757-200 B-2855 - $39.95
CAAC B 757-200 B-2802 - $39.95
ATA American Trans Air B 757-200 N757AT - $39.95
America West Airlines B 757-200 N901AW - $39.95
JetBlue Airways A320-200 N632JB - $37.95
Delta Air Lines A320-200 N378NW - $37.95
United Airlines A320-200 N1913U - $37.95
Icelandair B 737-9MAX TF-ICA - $37.95
United Airlines B 737-9MAX N27515 - $37.95
Continental Airlines DC-9-30 N3508T - $37.95
Republic Airlines DC-9-30 N908H - $37.95
Trans World Airlines DC-9-30 N996Z - $37.95
Delta Air Lines L-1011-500 N763DL - $40.95

We're expecting the first batch of the latest GeminiJets 1:400 models on Monday another with a 30 piece 1:200 collection sale!!! So we'll be starting off the week with a bang and only expect it to get busier!!! Happy Shopping!!! www.wafflecollectibles.com

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