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7/23 Aeroclassics Pre-Order & NG Models Arrivals!!!

The following Aeroclassics have just been announced and are now available for pre-order!!! They are due in very shortly so expect the models to be sent out within 24 hours!!!

We've also got another collection that many of you have already seen listed this morning however there are great models still to be had so be sure to check it out!!!

Additionally, we've got another batch of NG Models to restock the latest releases, and including some previously sold out models including the FedEx 757 so be sure to get your order in to avoid missing out!!!

Aeroclassics 1:400

ANA All Nippon Airways L-1011-1/100 JA8501 - $40.95
Air Tanzania B 767-200 ET-AIZ - $40.95
Delta Air Lines B 767-200 N102DA - $40.95
Delta Air Lines B 767-200 N102DA - $40.95
Delta Air Lines B 767-200 N110DA - $40.95
Piedmont Airlines B 767-200 N603P - $40.95
Ryanair B 737-8MAX EI-HAV - $37.95
TACA B 767-200 N767TA - $40.95
PSA L-1011-1/100 N10112 - $40.95
PSA L-1011-1/100 N10114 - $40.95
British Airways L-1011-500 G-BFCA - $40.95
British Airtours L-1011-500 G-BFCB - $40.95
British Airways L-1011-500 G-BFCC - $40.95
British Airways L-1011-500 G-BLUT - $40.95

NG Models 1:400

West Atlantic B 737-800 G-NPTB - $43.95
Hapag Lloyd B 737-800 D-ATUE - $43.95
Air Berlin B 737-800 D-ABBA - $43.95
Aeroflot B 737-800 VP-BMO - $43.95
Dalian Airlines B 737-800 B-7891 - $43.95
American Airlines A330-200 N281AY - $49.95
Thai Airways International A330-300 HS-TER - $49.95
Hawaiian Airlines L-1011-1/100 N763BE - $49.95
Hawaiian Airlines L-1011-1/100 N765BE - $49.95
Hawaiian Airlines L-1011-1/100 EI-BTN - $49.95
British Airways L-1011-500 G-BLUS - $49.95
Qantas Airways B 737-800 VH-VXJ - $43.95
Airbus Industries A330-700 F-GXLH - $54.95

NG Models 1:200

Maersk Air / British Airways CRJ200 G-MSKL - $53.95
Delta Connection / Comair CRJ100 N937CA - $53.95
Air France / Brit Air CRJ100 F-GRJJ - $53.95

Another round of eBay ends tonight so be sure to check it out with lots of great models!!! Happy Shopping!!!

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