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6/17 Inflight200 Pre-Order & Arrivals!!!

Good Afternoon from somewhere on the Mediterranean Sea!!! Even from the middle of the water we're making sure the business is in full swing!! The following Inflight200 models have arrived and have just been announced so be sure to get those orders in!! Additionally, Inflight200 has been making exclusive models for a retailer in South America and we're even able to offer those to you too!!!

Inflight200 Arrivals!!!

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines DC-10-30 PH-DTC - $147.95
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines B 737-200 PH-TVR - $79.95
Aegean Airlines A320-200 SX-DVV - $84.95
Aegean Airlines A320-200 SX-DNA - $84.95
Northwest Airlines DC-10-30 N235NW - $134.95
Northwest Airlines DC-10-30 N226NW - $137.95
Balair DC-10-30 HB-IHK - $148.95
Lufthansa A320-200 D-AIQS - $84.95
Lufthansa A320-200 D-AIPC - $79.95
Swiss International Air Lines A320-200 HB-IJO - $79.95
Swiss International Air Lines A320-200 HB-IJI - $84.95

Inflight200 Pre-Order!!!

LACSA B 727-200 N1279E - $119.95
Aviateca Guatemala B 727-100 TG-AYA - $119.95
AmeriJet International B 727-200 N395AJ - $119.95
TACA International Airlines B 737-200 YS-08C - $114.95
Spirit Airlines DC-9-30 N947ML - $114.95
Honduras Air Force C-130 Hercules FAH558 - $119.95
Republic of Korea Air Force C-130 Hercules 45-747 - $89.95
NCA Nippon Cargo Airlines B 747-8 JA14KZ - $143.95
Colombia Air Force B 707-300 FAC1201 - $107.95
Mexico Federal Police B 727-200 XC-MPF - $94.95
Royal Australian Air Force A330-200 A39-006 - $124.95
Royal Air Force A330-200 ZZ330 - $124.95
United States Air Force DC-9-30 68-10958 - $87.95
American Airlines A330-200 N288AY - $127.95
Republic of Singapore Air Force A330-200 763 - $124.95
MEA Middle East Airlines A330-200 OD-MEA - $124.95
Iberia A350-900 EC-MYX - $127.95
America West Airlines B 747-200 PH-BUC - $144.95

We're getting close to wrapping up the all available models of the NG Sale and reduce it to residual inventory so if you haven't gotten your order in be sure to do so in the next 48 hours to avoid missing out!!! 

Another round of Tuesday eBay ends tomorrow so be sure to check it out for some great deals!!! Happy Shopping!!!

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