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5/17 Aeroclassics Pre-Order + More Collection Sale!!!

The following Aeroclassics & Lochness Models are now available for pre-order!!!

Aeroclassics 1:400

Air New Zealand B 767-200 ZK-NBB - $40.95
LOT Polish Airlines B 767-200 ZK-NBJ - $40.95
El Al B 757-200 4X-EBM - $40.95
El Al B 757-200 4X-EBM - $40.95
Malev B 767-200 HA-LHB - $40.95
SAS Scandinavian Airlines B 767-200 LN-RCC - $40.95
LOT Polish Airlines B 767-200 SP-LOA - $40.95

Lochness Models 1:400

Air Canada L-1011-1/100 C-FTNC - $40.95
Eastern Airlines L-1011-1/100 N304EA - $40.95
Air Canada L-1011-500 C-GAGH - $40.95
Air Canada L-1011-500 C-GAGK - $40.95
Pan American World Airways L-1011-500 N508PA - $40.95
United Airlines L-1011-500 N510PA - $40.95
United Airlines L-1011-500 N512PA - $40.95

Herpa Wings 1:500 Arrivals!!

Lufthansa DC-10-30 D-ADDO - $39.95
Air France B 747-100 F-BPVM - $40.95

We've had more Aeroclassics Overstocks arrive and are now listed in the Collection Sale category!!! Additionally, we listed a small collection last night of a variety of 1:400 models!!! We've got the next collection of 300+ models including tons of gems that will start listing the middle of next week!!! Happy Shopping!!!

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