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3/5 Herpa Wings Arrivals!!!

The following Herpa Wings have arrived!!! The Herpa Wings 1:200 C-5 has also arrived. Those of you that have pre-ordered the item will ship out, there are three more pieces left that are still coming then the model is sold out so if you want this model without the rape prices some retailers are charging then best to get your order in to avoid missing out!!!

Herpa Wings 1:500

Vietnam Airlines A350-900 VN-A897 - $37.95
Lufthansa B 747-400 D-ABVM - $40.95
United Airlines B 757-200 N34131 - $34.95
Alaska Airlines A321-200 N928VA - $31.95
British Airways B 747-400 G-CIVL - $38.95
Delta Air Lines B 757-200 N608DA - $33.95
Air Italy A330-200 EI-GFX - $37.95
Antonov Design Bureau AN-22 UR-09307 - $37.95

Herpa Wings 1:200

United States Air Force B-2 Spirit 88-0329 - $67.95
French Air Force C-130 Hercules 61-PO - $89.95
United States Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt II NA - $42.95
United States Air Force SR-71 Blackbird 61-7957 - $56.95
United States Air Force C-130 Hercules NA - $89.95

Herpa Wings 1:72

Royal Australian Air Force PC-12 A54-001 - $84.95

The latest batch of Inflight200 models is arriving tomorrow so we'll be back with another arrival announcement with the next round of GeminiJets appearing to come in next week!! 

Another huge round of 1:400 eBay auctions ends tonight!!! Additionally, we've got another suprise collection arriving within the next 48 hours and should start listing thereafter so be sure to be standing by as we have another 200+ models coming in to list and as always the best models literally only last minutes if not less!!! Happy Shopping!!!

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