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2/27 Gemini Jets Pre-Order!!!  Rate it

The following Gemini Jets have been announced and are now available for pre-order!!!

Gemini Jets 1:400

Air China B 737-8MAX B-1396 - $35.95
Austrian Arrows F-100 OE-LVE - $31.96
Delta Air Lines A350-900 N502DN - $45.95
Delta Air Lines CS100 N101DN - $33.95
Emirates B 777-300 A6-ENJ - $47.95
EVA Air B 747-400 B-16411 - $44.95
S7 Airlines A320-200 VQ-BCF - $35.95
Vietnam Airlines B 787-900 VN-A862 - $43.96
United States Air Force B 707-100 60-0329 - $38.95

Gemini Jets 1:200

Aer Lingus A320-200 EI-DEK - $73.95
Aeromexico B 737-700 EI-DRD - $73.95
American Airlines Ground Equipment Set NA - $38.95
Avianca Colombia A321-200 N759AV - $73.95
Delta Air Lines B 757-300 N585NW - $79.95
Delta Air Lines Ground Equipment Set NA - $38.95

The Delta CS100 has already been confirmed limited in quantity so be sure to get your pre-order in early to avoid missing out!!!!

Another round of eBay ends tonight so be sure to check it out for tons of great deals!!! Happy Shopping!!!


2/25 More Collection Sale & Customer Loyalty Program!!!  Rate it

We're preparing ourselves for what is going to be one of the busiest shipments of the year with the JC sale items arriving!!! Please be patient as we process all these models as it does take time to process all the orders we have!!!
In the mean time, we've had another small collection arrive yesterday so be sure to checkout the Collection Sale for tons of great models!!!
It's been awhile since we've provided the details on our customer loyalty program!!! You can get up to 15% off of any order!!! The details are below!

Loyalty Discount Program
Many of you have been very loyal customers over the years and this is our way of saying Thanks!! There will be very specific criteria for the code as follows:
1. To receive an automatic discount code, join our great site at .
2. Upon registration  on send an email to in which you will be given an EXCLUSIVE code for your 10% discount or more depending on your previous orders!!!
3. You can earn up to an additional 5% off your orders!!! For every 50 orders or $5000 dollars in goods shipped (after discount/excluding shipping) you will earn an extra .5% up to a total of 15% total discount on any and ALL orders.
For example, if you have placed 72 orders and 4,000 in spend, you will get a total of 10.5% off all your orders. If you placed 32 orders and 43,000 in spend you will get a total of 14% off all your orders. And so on and so forth. I know not all of you can place thousands of dollars in orders, but for those that are able to place orders here or there, your savings will add up!! For each time you reach a new level simply email , I'll review your account and bump up your discount as necessary, it's just that simple!!!
I hope that many of you are able to take advantage of this discount program and more importantly help support this new community in making it a great place to socialize, grow and enjoy this hobby that we all so love.

It's really one of the simplest discounts around and it's valid on everything!! No restrictions just savings all around!!!
Lastly, another round of eBay ends on Tuesday so be sure to check it out for tons of great deals on models!!! Happy Shopping!!!

2/21 Gemini Jets Arrivals!!!  Rate it

The following Gemini Jets have arrived!!! All the orders have been processed and models are shipping out today!!! We've even got the AeroCalifornia DC-9 back up for pre-order so be sure to get your order in to avoid missing out!!!

Gemini Jets 1:400

Alaska Airlines / Skywest Airlines ERJ-175 N182SY - $31.96
American Airlines A319-100 N8027D - $33.95
China Southern Airlines 340 B-3651 - $30.95
Interjet A321-200 XA-GEO - $33.95
Qatar Airways B 747-8 A7-BGB - $48.95
United Airlines B 747-400 N121UA - $46.95
United States Air Force B 707-100 62-3516 - $35.95
Airport Accessories Vehicles NA - $27.96

Gemini Jets 1:200

Aero California DC-9-10 XA-RNQ - $64.95
Air Canada A330-300 C-GFAF - $112.95
American Airlines B 737-8MAX N324RA - $70.95
American Airlines B 737-800 N916NN - $70.95
British Airways Concorde G-BOAC - $76.95
Copa Airlines ERJ-190 HP-1540CMP - $68.95
Qantaslink / Sunstate Airlines DHC-8-400 VH-QOU - $51.96
Silver Airways 340 N344AG - $53.95
United States Air Force B 707-100 62-3508 - $73.95

There are still tons of Collection Sale models so be sure to check them out along with another round of eBay ending tomorrow night with some amazing prices!!! Photos of all of the latest Gemini Jets will be up later this evening!!! Happy Shopping!!!


2/14 Special Release, Inflight200 & Phoenix Models Arrivals!!  Rate it

It's another busy day here a the shop with another special arrival, a restock, Inflight200 Arrivals & Phoenix New Release Restocks!!! So let's get started!!!

Special 1:400 Models

ANA All Nippon Airways B 777-200 JA743A - $48.95
Private B 767-300 N36NE - $39.95

Inflight200 Arrivals!!!

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines A330-300 PH-AKF - $127.95
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines A330-300 PH-AKB - $127.95
SriLankan Airlines A330-300 4R-ALM - $124.95
United States Air Force B 707-300 79-0003 - $97.95
TransAsia Airways A330-300 B-22101 - $119.95
Mahan Air A340-300 EP-MMA - $127.95
Lufthansa A330-300 D-AIKI - $127.95
Lufthansa A340-300 D-AIGS - $127.95
Azores Airlines A330-200 CS-TRY - $129.95
Malaysia A350-900 9M-MAC - $127.95
MEA Middle East Airlines B 747-200 OD-AGH - $142.95
Gulf Air B 747-200 LN-AET - $142.95
TMA Trans Mediterranean Airlines B 747-100 OD-AGM - $142.95
Orient Thai Airlines B 747-300 HS-UTK - $137.95
United Airlines B 787-800 N26902 - $127.95
Oman Air B 787-800 A4O-SB - $124.95

Phoenix Models 1:400!!!

Sichuan Airlines A350-900 NA - $41.95
Scoot A320-200 9V-TAZ - $35.95
Scoot A320-200 9V-TRN - $35.95
Airbus Industries A350-1000 F-WWXL - $43.95
Qatar Airways A350-1000 A7-ANA - $43.95
Thai Lion Air A330-300 HS-LAI - $39.95
China Southern Airlines B 737-8MAX B-1205 - $36.95
China Southern Airlines B 737-8MAX B-1206 - $36.95
Air China B 737-8MAX B-1397 - $36.95
Transavia Airlines B 737-800 PH-HSI - $36.95
Singapore Airlines B 787-10 9V-SCB - $42.95
LOT Polish Airlines B 787-800 SP-LRH - $39.95
Hong Kong Airlines A330-200 B-LNK - $39.95
Hong Kong Airlines A330-200 B-LNJ - $39.95
JAL Japan Airlines B 747-400 JA8915 - $42.95
Japan Transocean Air B 737-800 JA06RK - $35.95

A special 1:400 edition of eBay ends tonight with tons of great models!!! Be sure to check them out!!! These special releases will sell out fast so be sure to get your order in to avoid missing out!!! Happy Shopping!!!


2/9 Herpa Wings Arrivals + More Collection Sale!!!  Rate it

As we wrap up another week at the shop the latest Herpa Wings have arrived!!!!

Herpa Wings 1:200

Etihad Airways A380-800 A6_APB - $84.95
United States Air Force B-1 Bomber 86-0015 - $89.95
United States Air Force B-2 Spirit 82-1066 - $73.95
Wardair Canada DHC-7 C-GXVF - $69.95
Yakutia Airlines AN-24 RA-46510 - $69.95
Airport Accessories Fire Engine NA - $19.95
Aeroflot AN-24 CCCP-46466 - $67.95

Herpa Wings 1:400

Air Baltic CS300 YL-CSA - $39.95

Herpa Wings 1:500

Open Skies B 757-200 F-HAVN - $31.95
United States Air Force C-130 Hercules 79-0475 - $31.95
TAP Air Portugal A330-300 CS-TOV - $34.95
Swiss International Air Lines CS100 HB-JBA - $31.95
Wow Air A330-300 TF-WOW - $36.95
Brussels Airlines RRJ95 EI-FWD - $31.95
Boeing Aircraft Company B 787-10 N528ZC - $36.95
Air Baltic CS300 YL-CSA - $31.95
S7 Airlines ERJ-170 VQ-BBO - $31.95
Austrian Airlines DHC-8-400 OE-LGN - $28.95
Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras A330-200 PR-AIU - $36.95
Etihad Airways B 777-300 A6-ETC - $37.95
Ukraine International Airlines B 777-200 UR-GOA - $37.95


SAS Scandinavian Airlines Se-210 Caravelle LN-KLR - $99.95
Sabena Se-210 Caravelle OO-SRA - $89.95
Swissair CV-990 HB-ICF - $107.95

We'll be back to listing more Collection Sale this evening and we've even had another collection arrive today!!! Happy Shopping!!!

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