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1/30 Inflight200 Pre-Order & Scratch And Dent IS BACK!!!

The following Inflight200 models have just been announced and are now available for pre-order!!!


Swissair CV-990 HB-ICF - $107.95
BEA DH-106 Comet G-APMF - $98.95
Swissair Se-210 Caravelle HB-ICS - $98.95
Thai Airways International Se-210 Caravelle HS-TGF - $87.95
Ansett Australia A320-200 VH-HYJ - $69.95
China Southern Airlines A330-200 B-6057 - $124.95
Alitalia A330-200 EI-DIP - $124.95
Royal Australian Air Force A330-200 A39-004 - $124.95
National Airways Corporation B 737-200 ZK-NAK - $69.95
Air New Zealand B 737-200 ZK-NAE - $69.95
Olympic Airways B 747-200 SX-OAB - $139.95
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines DC-8-63 PH-DEF - $109.95
Northeast Airlines CV-880 N8493H - $99.95
Northwest Airlines DC-9-50 N787NC - $82.95
Western Airlines DC-10-10 N908WA - $134.95
United States Air Force B 707-300 79-0003 - $97.95
Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force L-188 Electra 5-8701 - $67.95

We've had some spare time today so we're going around cleaning up corners of the shop with a variety of restocks, collection sale models and Scrath & Dent models that have all been added in with more to come so be sure to check it out!! Scratch & Dent models move fast so be sure to keep checking back!!!

Another round of eBay ends tonight with tons of models at great prices!!! Happy Shopping!!! www.wafflecollectibles.com

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