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7/6 Aeroclassics Arrivals!!! HOT MODELS!!!

It's been a crazy busy day here with the latest Aeroclassics. They have arrived and are ready for immediate shipment!!! The AeroCaribe DC-9 is already on re-stock status, and numerous other models are fast approaching this status!!! The United 737-9MAX, AeroPeru 727s and Mexicana 727 are on all sell out status if they keep up their pace over the next 24-48 hours followed closely by the Alaska A321 so be sure to get your order in to avoid missing out!!!!

Aeroclassics 1:400

Aerolineas Argentinas B 737-8MAX LV-HKU - $37.95
Kenya Airways DC-9-30 5Y-BBR - $37.95
Korean Air DC-9-30 HL7201 - $37.95
Midwest Express DC-9-30 N206ME - $37.95
Ozark Air Lines DC-9-30 N988Z - $37.95
United Airlines B 737-9MAX N67501 - $37.95
Avianca Colombia A321-200 N759AV - $37.95
Avianca Central America A321-200 N570TA - $37.95
Avianca Central America A321-200 N692AV - $37.95
Frontier Airlines A320-200 N317FR - $37.95
Frontier Airlines A320-200 N318FR - $37.95
Frontier Airlines A320-200 N323FR - $37.95
Thai Lion Air B 737-9MAX HS-LSH - $37.95
AeroPeru B 727-200 OB-1573 - $37.95
AeroPeru B 727-200 OB-1590 - $37.95
Mexicana B 727-200 XA-HON - $37.95
AeroCaribe DC-9-30 XA-ABQ - $37.95
Alaska Airlines A321-200 N928VA - $37.95
Lufthansa A321-200 D-AISP - $37.95

Aeroclassics 1:400 Restocks!!

Frontier Airlines A320-200 N309FR - $37.95
Frontier Airlines A320-200 N310FR - $37.95
Frontier Airlines A320-200 N311FR - $37.95
Avianca Brazil A320-200 PR-OBD - $37.95
Mauritania Airlines B 737-8MAX 5T-CLJ - $37.95

If the link is not working, please go directly to the New Arrivals! page to place your order as there seems to be a bit of a system issue with the direct links!!! Happy Shopping!!! www.wafflecollectibles.com

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