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5/21 Hobby Master Arrivals + NO BOX COLLECTION SALE!!

We're getting ready to ramp up for the busy end of the month arrivals!!! To start it all off the latest Hobby Master Models have arrived and are available for immediate shipping!!!

Additionally, we've had a collection of older models without boxes. They're all being gone through one by one and will be individually wrapped bagged and boxed for the most secure shipping possible. This is the best time to get super rare models for only 15.00 or less!!! There are over 700 models to go through and we're only about 50 models of the way in and expect it to take a few weeks to process each one so be sure to keep checking out but right now there's quite a few great models and the first ones have even started selling!!!

Hobby Master Military Models

United States Air Force F-104 Starfighter 57-0923 - $57.95
Republic of China Air Force F-104 Starfighter 4166 - $57.95
Japan Air Self Defense Force F-4 Phantom II 97-8416 - $74.95
United States Air Force F-105 Thunderchief 62-4284 - $78.95
Swiss Air Force F-5 J-3033 - $59.95
Swiss Air Force F-5 J-3083 - $59.95
Swiss Air Force F-5 J-3038 - $59.95
Swiss Air Force F-5 NA - $59.95
Royal Australian Air Force F-86 Sabre A94-942 - $64.95
United States Air Force F-15 NA - $84.95
Russian Air Force Su-35 Red 07 - $99.95
Luftwaffe Fw 190 634 - $67.95
United States Air Force P-51 Mustang NA - $74.95
United States Marine Corps Harrier 165354 - $67.95

We've got the latest Inflight200s already en-route, the next batch of Herpas coming next week and more models after that!!! Happy Shopping!!! www.wafflecollectibles.com

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