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8/3 Aeroclassics Arrivals!!!

On the 4th day of annoucements and the fun just doesn't stop! The latest Aeroclassics are arriving both yesterday and today!!! The photos of the first batch are up and the remainder will be up later today!!!

We've been able to snag another 8pcs of the ANA 777. These are now limited to 1 per person and once these 8 are gone...they are gone!!!! So let's get started!!!

Aeroclassics 1:400

TAP Air Portugal A330-300 CS-TOV - $40.95
Air Transat A330-300 C-GKTS - $38.95
US Airways A330-300 N678US - $38.95
Overseas National Airways DC-8-30 N831F - $37.95
Overseas National Airways DC-8-50 N852F - $37.95
Overseas National Airways DC-8-30 N1776R - $37.95
Overseas National Airways DC-8-20 N1976P - $37.95
Seaboard World DC-8-50 N801SW - $37.95
AeroPeru DC-8-63 N795AL - $39.95
Air India DC-8-63 TF-FLC - $37.95
Icelandair DC-8-63 TF-FLF - $37.95
Loftleidir DC-8-63 TF-FLB - $37.95
Overseas National Airways DC-8-61 N867F - $37.95
UTA DC-6 F-BHMR - $35.95
Aloha Airlines B 737-200 N842AL - $35.95
South African Airways A340-200 ZS-SLF - $37.95
Swissair A310-200 HB-IPK - $37.95
Sudflug DC-7 D-ABAC - $35.95

Another small round of 1:200 eBay items ends tonight so be sure to check it out!!! Happy Shopping!!!

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