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6/2 Inflight200 Pre-Order!!!

It's been another busy week here at the shop with hundreds of orders going out the door. We've slashed all the remaining mix-matched box models to 5.00 each to clear the last dozen or so out. In addition, we've only got a small handful of Scratch & Dent models left out of the dozens posted there so be sure to get your hands on these models before they are gone!!! The latest Inflight200s have just been announced and are now available for ordering!!!

Inflight200 Pre-Order!!!

JAL Japan Airlines B 787-800 JA825J - $124.95
JAL Japan Airlines B 787-800 JA837J - $124.95
China Southern Airlines B 747-400 B-2461 - $137.95
China Southern Airlines B 747-400 B-2473 - $137.95
China Cargo Airlines B 747-400 B-2428 - $137.95

We've got some of the latest Phoenix Models and Inflight200s due in shortly and the latest Herpa Wings due in mid-week next week so keep your eyes out for tons more great models inbound!!! Happy Shopping!!!

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