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5/31 Arrivals + Scratch & Dent, No Box & Collection Sale!!!

It's been another busy week here at the shop though finally we're getting caught up!!! As you can see the NO BOX model selection is back with numerous models missing boxes already sold but still have some more to go!!! The Scratch & Dent section has had another nearly 20 models added earlier today and we've even got some more Collection Sale models added in today!!! The latest Inflight200s are now available for shipping and we've even got a handful of some Japanese exclusive Gemini Jets in!!!

Inflight200 Arrivals!!!

United States Air Force C-130 Hercules 90-1794 - $79.95
Belgian Air Force C-130 Hercules CH-02 - $79.95
United States Air Force B 707-300 97-0201 - $89.95
NATO B 707-300 LX-N90452 - $104.95
Edelweiss Air A340-300 HB-JMG - $124.95
Olympic Airways A340-300 SX-DFC - $119.95
JAT Yugoslav Airlines Se-210 Caravelle YU-AHF - $89.95
Air Malta B 720 9H-AAM - $99.95
Air France B 777-300 F-GSQI - $129.95
Air France B 777-300 F-GZNI - $129.95

Gemini Jets 1:400

Skymark Airlines B 737-800 JA73NC - $49.95
Skymark Airlines B 737-800 JA737Y - $49.95
Skymark Airlines B 737-800 JA73NE - $49.95

Another round of eBay ends tomorrow with lots of great 1:200 models!!!

Happy Shopping!!!

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