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5/22 Inflight200 Arrivals + Collection & Mix-Matched Box SALE!!!

Phew! What a busy weekend it has been!!! We've gone through and processed all 300+ models which over 200 have already sold!!! The more impressive feat is that with this latest round that pushes us over order #67000!!! The latest Inflight200s have arrived and those of you with pre-orders your orders will be going out today or tomorrow at the latest!!!

Inflight200 Arrivals!!!

Trans World Airlines L-1329 Jetstar N7961S - $64.95
Thai Airways International A330-300 HS-TEC - $119.95
Air Caraibes A350-900 F-HHAV - $124.95
Sabena B 747-100 OO-SGB - $137.95
Viasa B 747-200 PH-BUG - $137.95
LOT Polish Airlines B 787-800 SP-LRD - $119.95
Vietnam Airlines A350-900 F-WZNP - $129.95
China Airlines A350-900 B-18901 - $118.95
ANA All Nippon Airways B 787-800 JA802A - $127.95
ANA All Nippon Airways B 787-800 JA801A - $127.95
Air Canada B 787-800 C-GHPQ - $119.95
Etihad Airways B 777-300 A6-JAC - $124.95
LATAM A350-900 PR-XTE - $124.95
MEA Middle East Airlines CV-990 OD-AFI - $94.95
Luftwaffe L-1329 Jetstar 11+01 - $64.95
Ethiopian Airlines B 787-800 ET-ASI - $119.95
Royal Air Force A330-200 ZZ336 - $119.95
Air France B 737-200 F-GBYF - $84.95

Be sure to check out the mix-matched box sale and the Collection Sale for lots of great pre-owned items!!! Happy Shopping!!!

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