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4/15 Inflight200 Pre-Order!!!

We've been traversing Asia these past 3 weeks and we've kept the shop up and running at around 80% of normal service so I hope your order hasn't been disrupted. We're flying back tomorrow so we should get this back up and running to a 100% by the end of the week. In the mean time Inflight200 has announced a whole another slew of models so let's get started!!!


United States Air Force B 787-900 87-8000 - $124.95
United States Air Force B 787-900 87-8000 - $124.95
China Southern Airlines A320-200 B-9930 - $79.95
China Southern Airlines A320-200 B-8546 - $79.95
Shenzhen Airlines A320-200 B-6833 - $79.95
Shenzhen Airlines A320-200 B-8636 - $79.95
CAAC Concorde B-0772 - $84.95
Saturn Airways C-130 Hercules N15ST - $84.95
United Airlines A320-200 N475UA - $76.95
Air China A350-900 F-WZGZ - $124.95
Capital Airlines A350-900 F-WZFR - $124.95
Trans World Airlines B 707-300 N799TW - $99.95
Icelandair B 737-8MAX TF-ICE - $79.95
Avianca B 747-100 HK-2000 - $154.95
Alitalia B 747-200 I-DEMY - $149.95
Qantas Airways B 747-200 VH-EBH - $154.95
Qantas Airways B 787-900 VH-ZNB - $119.95
Pan American World Airways Concorde N528PA - $84.95
Royal Air Force Concorde XT557 - $99.95
SAS Scandinavian Airlines DC-9-40 OY-KGO - $76.95
Britannia Airways B 737-200 G-AXNB - $79.95
Donaldson International Airways B 707-300 G-AYVG - $109.95
bmi British Midland DC-9-30 G-ELDI - $84.95
Caledonian Airways A320-200 G-BVYC - $84.95

We've got eBay ending Tues/Wed/Thurs this week so be sure to check it all out!!! Happy Shopping!!!

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