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12/4 Aeroclassics Arrivals & Gemini Jets Restocks!!!

Wowwee!!! It's going to be a crazy couple of days here at the shop. We've got the Phoenix Models BLOWOUT, Restocks, Aeroclassics & latest Hobby Master for the most part have arrived!!! This puts use at hundreds of orders to process which will take us a few days to make our way through them all so please be patient as we get all these orders out the door!!! In the mean time here are the latest Aeroclassics arrivals with 4 additional arrivals and Gemini Jets restocks!!! More announcements coming daily!!!

Aeroclassics 1:400

Mexicana A319-100 N750MX - $35.95
Royal Brunei Airlines A319-100 V8-RBP - $35.95
South African Airways A319-100 ZS-SFG - $35.95
US Airways A319-100 N700UW - $35.95
Aeronaves de Mexico DC-6 XA-NAM - $35.95
US Airways A320-200 N118US - $35.95
Canadian Pacific DC-6 CF-CZF - $35.95
Finlantic DC-6 OH-DCA - $35.95
Icelandair DC-6 TF-ISC - $35.95
Iran Air DC-6 EP-AEV - $35.95
Loftleidir DC-6B TF-LLB - $35.95
Olympic Airways DC-6 SX-DAD - $35.95
Air New Zealand F-27 ZK-NFF - $32.95
Federal Express F-27 N709FE - $32.95
Merpati Nusantara Airlines F-27 PK-MFK - $32.95
Singapore Airlines A310-300 9V-STY - $
Air Mauritius A340-300 3B-NBO - $38.95
Overseas National Airways DC-10-30 N1031F - $38.95
Delta Air Lines A319-100 N302NB - $35.95

Gemini Jets 1:400 Restocks!!!

JetBlue Airways A320-200 N537JT - $33.95
Frontier Airlines A320-200 N307FR - $33.95
United Parcel Service B 767-300 N320UP - $38.95
United Airlines B 737-700 N12754 - $33.95
JetBlue Airways ERJ-190 N304JB - $31.95
United Parcel Service B 757-200 N409UP - $35.95
American Airlines B 767-300 N343AN - $38.95
Allegiant Air A320-200 N246NV - $33.95
Qantas Airways B 737-800 VH-VXM - $33.95
Delta Air Lines B 767-300 N143DA - $38.95
Air Canada A321-200 C-GJWO - $33.95
Air France A380-800 F-HPJF - $50.95
Asiana Airlines A380-800 HL7634 - $50.95
Vietnam Airlines A350-900 VN-A891 - $43.96
United Airlines B 747-400 N105UA - $47.95
Air France B 777-200 F-GSPZ - $43.95
Delta Airlines B 747-400 N662US - $46.95
United Airlines B 777-200 N796UA - $43.95
United Airlines B 777-300 N58031 - $43.95

We'll be processing the Aeroclassics pre-orders first, followed by our daily orders, it will be followed by Phoenix Sale Items, Hobby Master and by that time the latest Phoenix Models should be in-stock!!!

Another round of eBay ends tomorrow so be sure to check it out!!! Happy Shopping!!!

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