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12/13 Inflight200 & Hogan Wings Arrivals!!!

We're off to another busy week here at the shop and it's only going to get busier!!! Today brings us some of the latest Inflight200s, Hogan Wings, Gemini Jets restocks..So let's get started!!!

Inflight200 Arrivals!!!

Monarch Airlines A330-200 G-SMAN - $109.95
United States Air Force Concorde 65000 - $89.95
United Airlines Concorde NA - $79.95
Highland Express Airways B 747-100 G-HIHO - $137.95
Pan American World Airways B 747-100 N732PA - $149.95
American Airlines CV-990 N5602 - $98.95

Hogan Wings Arrivals!!!

Lufthansa A350-900 D-AIXA - $34.95
British Airways B 747-400 G-BNLT - $47.95
United Airlines B 777-300 NA - $44.95

Gemini Jets 1:400 Restocks!!!

American Airlines B 737-800 N916NN - $31.96
Delta Connection / Shuttle America ERJ-145 N564RP - $28.95
AeroMexico Connect ERJ-190 XA-GAR - $31.95
JetBlue Airways A320-200 N834JB - $31.96

A small batch of Inflight200 models have arrived into the Collection Sale section so be sure to check those out as there are some great models at 30-40% off normal retail pricing!!!!

Another round of eBay ends tonight so be sure to check that out for some great deals !!!

Happy Shopping!!!

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