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12/10 Aeroclassics Arrivals!!!

News and Sales for 
Dec, 10 2016

The Aeroclassics have arrived and are ready for immediate shipment!!! There are a handful that have sold out, however we've been able to obtain additional pieces from overseas!!! The Hawaiian A330 is on sell out alert, we have less then a half dozen pieces left and it is not expected to be restocked!!!! Get your orders in to avoid missing out!!!

Aeroclassics 1:400

Malaysia A330-200 9M-MKX - $37.95
Swissair A330-200 HB-IQL - $37.95
South African Airways A330-200 ZS-SXZ - $37.95
Gulf Air A340-300 A4O-LD - $37.95
Emirates A340-300 A6-ERM - $37.95
Aeroflot Cargo DC-10-40 VP-BDE - $37.95
Overseas National Airways DC-10-30 N1033F - $37.95
ATA American Trans Air DC-10-40 N184AT - $37.95
Hawaiian Airlines A330-200 N392HA - $37.95
US Airways A330-300 N675US - $37.95
Martinair Holland DC-8-30 PH-DCD - $37.95
Flying Tigers DC-4 N90433 - $33.95
Alaska Airlines DC-4 N66756 - $33.95
United States Air Force CV-240 42812 - $33.95
VARIG 748 PP-VDP - $33.95
China Eastern Airlines A310-300 B-2305 - $37.95
Air France A310-200 F-GEMA - $37.95
Air France A310-300 F-GEMQ - $37.95
Near East Air Transport DC-4 N66756 - $33.95

All the pre-orders that don't include pending restocks have all shipped out and are now awaiting pick-up!!!! Many of you have taken advantage of our new low cost domestic shipping option for parcels under 1lbs!!! Save nearly 10% on your order with our new low shipping rates!!! Happy Shopping!!!

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